【Explore】Guide to Hehuanshan (合欢山) Part 1: Accommodation

Hehuanshan lies on the Western edge of Taroko Gorge National Park. It consists of 5 different peaks over 3000m, offering different perspectives of the mountain range. Although one can easily arrange a half-day trip to Hehuanshan from Cingjing, this guide isn’t for that purpose. If you’re interested in conquering the Hehuan peaks, stay with us as we’ll be covering the various topics that can help you with your Hehuanshan planning. Here we go!



In order to conquer as many Hehuanshan peaks as possible in a single trip, you’ll need at least a night stay or 2 at Song Xue Lou Hotel or Ski Villa, the 2 highest accommodation constructed in Taiwan. These 2 accommodation are VERY popular and they are your only choices to spend a night up on the mountains. Alternatively, you can choose to camp outdoors, but we don’t encourage that unless you’re properly equipped because it gets awfully cold during the night.

We managed to get our stay with Song Xue Lou Hotel and we were impressed with our accommodation. It’s clean, spacious and well maintained, definitely surpasses our expectations for the hotel. Besides that, breakfast and dinner are provided for all guests of either accommodations. Alright, enough of promoting the hotel, let’s just jump straight to the booking process!


Registering for an Account

Song Xue Lou Hotel offers private rooms while Ski Villa is hostel based, meaning you’ll be sharing the room with fellow hikers. Either accommodation can be booked through the National Forest Recreation Area official accommodation booking system. Unfortunately, everything is in traditional Chinese. But no worries, this post is here to guide you through! Upon clicking the link provided, you’ll arrive at this page


As with all other booking systems, before you can start booking a room, you need an account. Click on “登入” to login or register for an account. You’ll be brought to this page below.

hehuan login.PNG
Login page

Click on “加入會員” to register. You’ll be directed to the page presented below. Fill in the respective particulars and click on “確定送出” right at the bottom to proceed.

Registration page

Booking a room

After completing the registration process, you’re now allowed to make bookings with the mountain lodgings! Click on “登入” on the top right corner of any page and proceed to login. You can refer back to the “Login page” picture above for the translation.

If you wanna take look at the rooms they offer, head on the click on “Rooms” on the side menu. They’ll give some description and the various rates for the different kinds of accommodation.  When you’re done browsing, click on “Booking” on side menu to proceed on with the booking. You’ll be directed to the page shown below:



When you get to this page, don’t get overwhelmed with the wall of Chinese characters. Basically they are pointing out the important information here. Here are the relevant information that you need:

  1. Please use your real identity when booking the rooms to avoid confusion
  2. Booking of rooms will only be available at 6 a.m. 1 month prior to your stay. (For example, if you’re looking to stay on the 23rd December, the system will open up the slots at 6 a.m. on 23rd November. For exceptional cases like booking of rooms for 29/30/31 March (February doesn’t have these dates), booking rooms for these dates can be done on the 1st of March at 6 a.m. Other months as follows.)
  3. Every user is only limited to hold on up to 4 rooms in Song Xue Lou Hotel or 10 bed spaces in Ski Villa
  4.  Foreigners do not need to pay deposit for the bookings

Once are you done browsing through the terms and conditions, scroll to the end, check the tick-box and you’ll be brought to this next page:


This page above gives you a choice to choose accommodation between 2 different mountains. In our case, we select the 2nd option for Hehuanshan.

susThe national forest recreation area promotes sustainable living, hence there’s a choice for you to choose if you’re willing to participate in the movement. Basically, if you don’t mind bringing your own towel, toothbrush and toothpaste and other toiletries, you’ll get 100NTD ‘discount’ per pax off your total hotel/hostel fee.

Availability page: Shows you which rooms are still available for the respective dates

From here on, it’s relatively easy. All you need to do is to choose the date of stay on this page, and the type of accommodation you want on the next page.

Checking your bookings

To check or cancel your bookings, click on “Member” on the side menu and you’ll be brought to this page below. Select the respective service that you require.


Do note that because Song Xue Lou Hotel is the only choice on Hehuanshan that offer private rooms, they are extremely popular and the rooms are booked within split seconds. Now here’s the tip, the room slots open at 6 a.m. 1 month prior to your stay. Be sure to complete the previous sections of the booking process and ‘camp’ on the “Availability page” before 6 a.m. The moment the clock strikes 6 a.m.,  immediately click to book your desired accommodation. Yes it’s troublesome, but if you want your Hehuan trip to happen, you have to work for it!

And TADA! You’re 1 step closer to making your Hehuan adventure happen. That’s all I have for now! Go on and read my other posts to learn more about planning for Hehuan adventure! Happy Lunar New Year and til next time folks!

(Date written: Jan 2017)


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