【Eat】Places to satisfy your sweet-tooth in Kaohsiung!

After writing a post on a list of my favorite eats in Kaohsiung, I’ve decided that I should introduce some desserts to sweeten things up. I love desserts, and I can’t contain my sweet-tooth whenever I see attractive desserts. During the past months, I’ve traveled all across Kaohsiung city just to satisfy my cravings. Here’s a compiled list of my findings! You’re welcomed.

1) 海之冰

Let’s start off with something traditional. Out of the many shaved ice stores in Kaohsiung, this store is probably my personal favorite. This shaved ice store is strategically located near the Gushan Ferry Pier and is popular with the locals as well as tourists. I ordered a single serving of mango shaved ice (cos it’s mango season) and was certainly impressed by their generosity with the mango cubes. There’s almost more than half a mango worth of mango cubes and it costs only 70NTD! The nearest MRT station is Sizihwan station.



2) 三星園

If you’re a fan of matcha products, you’ll definitely like what this matcha dessert house has to offer. This Japanese brand has a total of 5 outlets in Taiwan and among the 5 outlets, 3 of them lies in Kaohsiung! Customers usually visit 三星園 mainly for their desserts and the most popular order has gotta be the matcha soft serve (110NTD). If you prefer to have a stronger matcha taste to your dessert, you can even request for the staff to sprinkle more matcha powder on your soft serve (at 0 cost of course)! Search up google maps to find the outlet nearest to your convenience!


3) Fun Tower 日式可麗餅

This Japanese crepe shop is located along Minghua 1st Road, between Aozidi Station and Kaohsiung Arena Station. As the shop name suggests, the shop specializes in Japanese crepe and they have a variety of flavors to choose from! You’ll have trouble deciding on what to get because everything looks really goooooood on the menu. I had the Banana and Caramelized custard (90NTD) topped with a scoop of Mövenpick ice cream (25NTD). Trust me, the tower of dessert is as good as it looks. The pairing of the fluffy thin crepe, the light cream, the quality ice cream and all the other ingredients is unbelievably good.


4) 阿綿麻糬

Nestled among the food streets of Yancheng District lies this small lil’ shop selling classic handmade mochis. Customers can be assured of the freshness of their purchases because the mochis here are made to order. The mochis are all fresh, fluffy and chewy and you just can’t resist having another piece! There are a total of 5 flavors to choose from, namely matcha, red bean, sesame, peanut and taro (set of 4 pieces for 120NTD). If you’re in luck, you may even have a chance to taste the seasonal special flavors! Nearest KMRT Station – Yanchengpu Station


5) 裸體主義

This Japanese inspired dessert place is conveniently located near Formosa Boulevard Station. From the interior and exterior designs to their products, everything is well thought of to fit the Japanese theme. Besides serving exquisite matcha desserts, the staff are all very attentive and helpful. They are all very knowledgeable about their products and they recommend desserts based on each customer’s taste preference. I was recommended to try their best seller, the matcha mille crepe. The fluffy layers of their mille crepe are made of special imported flour from Japan and nicely finished with smooth matcha paste.


The Japanese inspired exterior!

6) 小柴蕾娜甜點舖

This cute lil’ shiba-themed cafe lies along the quiet Dingxiang Street and it’s one cafe that I adore. Besides featuring the cute breed on plates and all over the interior, the cafe also serves up some good yet affordable desserts. The wide range of cute pastries are all priced around 65NTD. Although the cafe is not exactly a pet cafe with shibas roaming around, it’s actually pets-friendly so you might just have a chance to interact with someone else’s shiba during your visit! However, do note that this place isn’t exactly easy to reach (not direct transport). My suggestion is to rent a City Bike from Kaohsiung Arena Station and ride to this place.


7) 張家豪台式功夫甜品

If you’re a fan of taro, this is the place that you should definitely visit. This stall is located along the Rehe 1st St., just 7 mins walk away from Kaohsiung Main Station. Unlike the usual ice stall that sells only processed-floury taro balls, the taro balls here are made of REAL TARO! The combination of the taro paste and condensed milk goes well together, elevating the dessert to another level! If you’re visiting this place via Kaohsiung Main Station KMRT, do note that you can get across the rail overhead platform to get over to the other side. Ask around the locals, they’re more than willing to help!


That’s all I have for now! I’ll be updating this list whenever I come across any desserts worth mentioning! Til next time~

(Date written: Dec 2016)


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