【Eat】Favorite eats in Kaohsiung that I can’t get enough

Just like any other cities in Taiwan, Kaohsiung never host a visitor without feeding them full. There’s so many delicious Taiwanese cuisines all across the city. After staying for close to 3 months, I’ve finally decided that I should introduce some of my favorite eats in the city! Enjoy!

1) Angel’s Chicken Cutlet (天使雞排 )

Regardless if you’re a fan of chicken cutlets or not, you have to give this brand a try. The flavor of this huge piece of meat packs a punch. Although they uses chicken breast for the cutlets, the meats are cooked to perfection. The meat is both tender and juicy while the crust is perfectly crisp and crunchy. The thick piece of cutlet is more than enough to serve 2 and it only costs 70NTD! They have several outlets across Kaohsiung, but the more centralised outlet is the 1 along Shinkuchan Shopping District (Central Park Station).


They have also conveniently located another outlet at Ruifeng Night Market (Kaohsiung Arena Station)!

2) Gangyuan Beef Noodles (港園牛肉麵)

According to the internet, you haven’t been to Kaohsiung if you didn’t try 港園牛肉麵. It is certainly true. Beef noodles are all about a tasty soup base and soft/tender beef pieces. Of all the beef noodles I’ve had in Kaohsiung, this shop has the tastiest soup base and also beef pieces with perfect textures. What’s more, a serving of perfection costs only 120NTD. 港園牛肉麵 definitely lived up to its title for serving the best beef noodles in Kaohsiung.


They have only 2 outlets located at Dacheng St.

and Ziqiang 3rd Rd respectively.

3) Dandan Hamburg (丹丹漢堡)

Dandan Hamburg is a fast-food chain located only in Southern Taiwan, and they are sometimes known as the ‘King of Fast-food’ of the South. Not only is the service fast and efficient, the food they served are good and very affordable. Dandan Hamburg also offers a wide variety of items from the regular burgers to local delicacies such as the ‘Meesua’. They have quite a few outlets across the city, so if you happen to drop by Kaohsiung, be sure to try Dandan Hamburg!


4) Yonghe’s Steamed Dumplings (永和小籠包)

Located at a quiet alley of the food trail in Yancheng district is this humble vendor selling delicious and cheap Xiaolongbao! We all love Xiaolongbao for its tasty fillings and the juice wrapped within the dumpling. This vendor didn’t disappoint! For 60NTD you get a tray of 9 freshly steamed dumplings, definitely worth it!


5) Feng Cha Ji (楓茶記)

Traveling in Taiwan but craving for Hong Kong’s Polo bun? Wait no longer, head over to 楓茶記 to get your cravings satisfied! This Hong Kong inspired Polo bun shop is strategically located just behind Aozidi Station. Besides selling the original Polo bun with butter, the shop creatively came out with all sorts of pairings both sweet and salty. From pork chops to cheese to chocolate to ice-cream, just to name a few. A crispy bun paired with a cup of freshly brewed milk tea, perfect way to start the day!


6) Wuhe Sushi (舞鶴壽司)

This lil’ shop selling Japanese cuisine is hidden along Lixin Road, just 5 minutes walk away from Kaohsiung Arena Station. Besides the wide array of items on the menu, the dishes are all prepared with quality and fresh ingredients. Their top seller is definitely the 安格斯牛肉寿司 (Angus beef sushi) and it’s 130NTD and 250NTD for 3 and 6 pieces respectively. While you’re at it, order a bowl of 蛤蜊汤 as well (clam soup 45NTD)! Though the items are slightly pricier as compared to the average meals in Kaohsiung, this shop is definitely worth a visit because the Angus beef sushi is just too good to resist!


7) Lil’ Beef Brother (小牛弟)

小牛弟 is situated in the middle of Sanmin District. This stall is popular with the locals because of their good food and affordable prices. Most of their customers come over for their steak or chicken chop and each order comes with stir-fried noodles. To complete the meal, the shop offers free flow of sweetened Oolong tea and creamy soup for all diners!


8) Pa Pa Pa, Explosive Sauce Toast (叭叭叭爆將吐司)

Another 1 of the more memorable eats that I’ve had. Like the name implies, this shop sells ‘explosive sauce toast’. During my last visit, I had the peanut butter toast and it totally changed my definition of a regular peanut butter toast. The flowy filling hidden within the crispy toast is smooth and creamy and it doesn’t taste like your regular ‘Skippy’ peanut butter! It’s a 10 minutes walk from Central Park Station.


9) You You Noodles (佑佑鍋燒麵)

This stall is one of my favorite dinner places that I often visit during my stay in Kaohsiung. As you’d guess from their name, they are famous for their noodles. They have been listed in the ‘2016 Kaohsiung’s top 10 Must Eat‘ list by some well-known local blogger. For 90NTD, you can get a huge bowl of noodles with 4 prawns and generous portion of pork slices as ingredients! What’s more, soft drinks are free of charge for all diners! Like Dandan Hamburg, they have quite a few outlets spread evenly across the city.


10) Cijin Seafood

Ask any Kaohsiung’s residents for seafood recommendations and Cijin Island will be their answer. The restaurants on this island offers some of the freshest seafood you can find in Kaohsiung. There are so many of them along Cijin Old streets, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Besides offering quality dishes, these restaurants are often inexpensive (Comparing to Singapore prices) and certainly affordable. If you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll definitely enjoy your meal here. Click here to read more about getting to the island!


And that concludes the list of my favorite eats in Kaohsiung! Be sure to check out the respective opening hours on google map before visiting to avoid disappointment. I will be updating this post if I discover new eats worth writing about, so watch this space for updates! If you’re into sweet stuff, be sure to check out the other post about desserts in Kaohsiung! Til next time, happy feasting!

(Date written: Dec 2016)


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